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A serene garden

This garden is unusually big by London standards, which was just as well given the brief: a dining area for 8 to 10 people, a raised deck for reading, a separate lounging area, a kitchen garden, a lawn and a meadow, to name just a few!

The garden was dominated by over-sized trees at the back, which significantly enclosed the space. Unfortunately protected by a Tree Preservation Order, the trees could at best be pruned. Pollarding them and adding height to the garden itself through a pergola that links the ornamental garden to the prairie-style garden successfully re-balanced the proportions of the space, opening it up.

Mixed borders in pink and white and a Buddha sculpture chosen by the client complement this contemporary, yet serene scheme.

  • After


  • Master Plan


    Master Plan
  • Before - large tree enclose the space


    Before - large tree enclose the space
  • After


  • A romantic planting scheme


    A romantic planting scheme
  • See-through balustrade


    See-through balustrade
  • A generous patio


    A generous patio
  • An additional seating area


    An additional seating area