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A relaxed family garden in Crouch-End

The brief was for a relaxed, child-friendly and relatively low-maintenance family space, with a small place where mum could have some peace and quiet. The choice of plant had to be left to firm plant-lover mum.

The existing lawn of this good sized garden felt small with the pointy-end of the garden fenced off and therefore inacessible and a shed and bike-storage unit both taking up valuable space.

Including the pointy end of the garden in the new layout as well as sourcing a shed big enough to accomodate the bikes and the lawn mower enabled to create a substantial family lawn in the shape of three-entertwined circles, as well as a smart aperitive area with adjacent raised bed at the back of the garden.

A lovely wooden bench and arbour located "far enough" from the house created the perfect mums sanctuary.

Finally multi-coloured slate was chosen to pave the dining and aperitive areas as the beautiful copper tones match beautifully the oak flooring of the welcoming family kitchen/diner.

  • The forgotten back-garden


    The forgotten back-garden
  • Master Plan to scale


    Master Plan to scale
  • Before


  • After


  • The West-facing terrace


    The West-facing terrace
  • Mummy's little sanctuary


    Mummy's little sanctuary
  • The beautiful tones of multi-coloured slate


    The beautiful tones of multi-coloured slate
  • The first plants


    The first plants